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In touch with Nature – The Kogi of Colombia

“There is no life without thought” – the Kogi

I recently bought my flight to Colombia as part of my trip to Ecuador this summer, I will be spending a little less than two months in South America visiting these two countries. Meditating in some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. While looking around the web for things to do in Colombia I remembered reading somewhere about the Kogi in a book a couple of years ago, it certainly left an impression in me. The Kogi, an indigenous tribe in Colombia who conserved their way of life through the spanish conquest. They could only maintain their way of life through the conquest because of the terrain they lived in: The Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, it is the highest coastal mountain range in the world and is famous for its stratified ecosystems that vary with elevation, from jungles to tundra, this mountain range has an astounding biodiversity.

The Kogi had been virtually isolated from the outside world until for the first time in 1990 they made contact with the world through the celebrated BBC documentary “From the Heart of the World – The Elder Brothers Warning” when for the first time they allowed outsiders into their world, their purpose: to warn the world of the environmental damage we are causing and the unity and interconnectedness of everything.

The more I find out about the Kogi the more fascinated I am by their beliefs and view of the world. The deep interconnectedness they see in nature is not something we haven’t heard before from indigenous tribes around the world that have a better grasp of their relationship with nature than we do. Indigenous tribes from all around the globe have spoken about nature and how to live in synchronicity with nature, nowadays I would say that people want to live above nature. We oppress our environments and think that human beings should be the only ones to have “rights” on the planet. We have announced ourselves to be superior and therefore we think we have dibbs on everything that the earth has to offer with no regard to other species.

The Kogi begun contact with the rest of the world in order tell humanity that we need to change our unsustainable ways of living because they saw the consequences being reflected in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a unique place on earth that mirrors many environments and ecosystems around the globe because of its unique qualities.

I have not done enough research to write a good article about the Kogi but I just wanted to share this with you because those two documentaries really spoke to me in how the Kogi relate with nature and the world and thought just maybe you might want to watch them too šŸ™‚


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